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Satellite 360 is a hub of professional business services and has a suite of business and accounting services to cater for your needs. Based in Brisbane, the Satellite 360 Group of companies brings together all aspects of business to achieve a common mission: to help you grow your business, maximise your wealth and protect your future.

As our client, you are the centre of our universe. Each Satellite Division revolves around you and your business needs. You have access to leaders and advisors with a depth of experience, knowledge and networks that will launch your business into a new dimension.
Imagine a place where you can go to get professional business services from trusted advisor’s at a fair price.

Blog Posts

Meal Entertainment and Fringe Benefits Tax

One of the biggest Fringe Benefits Tax situations arises at the end of each Calendar year – yes that is correct – the Christmas Party. However, throughout the year, many businesses find themselves in a situation where they may be out at dinner with a client or supplier or with their staff. What needs to […]

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Cars and FBT – Did you know?

If you have a vehicle that is not considered a car by the FBT definitions (ie motorcycle, utility with a carrying capacity of greater than 1 tonne, minivan, truck or work horse vehicle) it can still be subject to FBT. A Company or Trust providing an employee with a “non-car” could be subject to FBT […]

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Do you have a valid logbook?

A logbook is required to be kept for the first year (generally for 12 weeks) and then every five years thereafter. Odometer readings must be kept for the logbook period. If no logbook is kept then the Business Use Percentage of the car is taken to be nil. If the logbook is not valid then […]

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Colin Holloway, MB.Bch., F.R.A.C.G.P., Dip.Obs. R.C.G.O., D.T.M.&H.

“My wife and I have the utmost confidence in Darryl Iseppi, Founder and Principal of Satellite 360. His knowledge of and skills in the financial and accounting side of our Medical Practices have been invaluable and have contributed notably to the success of our endeavours.
Over the last 25 years we have come to know Darryl Iseppi very well both as a source of on-going professional advice and practical support in running our businesses. He was a constant encouragement through both the lean times and the good times. He was always available for a phone consultation when needed and made a point of answering any queries quickly and comprehensibly.”

Monte Huebsch CEO at AussieWeb

“Darryl saves you money and helps create wealth. Always tricky if you give a recommendation that it may come back to bite you BUT not with Darryl. We walks the talks and makes your business hum with great and unique strategies and ways to save heaps of money and even make a bit more. Now that’s just a bit more than your average accountant. Even if you have an account and are happy with their service have a chat with Darryl about a few little things that can be done around the edges that make all the difference. Sounding a bit “special”? Well it is. Try it and you will see”.

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