A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is a small superannuation trust which has the primary purpose of providing retirement benefits, where the members act as trustees. What this means is that members control and run their own superfund. They make all investment and asset allocation decisions. This compares to traditional superannuation funds where the individual has little or no control over their investments.

Our clients are looking for the independence and wide investment choices offered by owning and operating their own superannuation fund. For this reason, Satellite Accountings Brisbane superannuation team works hard to ensure that their net worth increases in line with predetermined expectations year to year and that their funds are invested within the correct vehicle. We also ensure that we are at the cutting edge of new legislations. In particular we are well versed in the opportunity now open to self-managed funds to borrow using an Instalment Warrant to purchase either their own property or other suitable investment property.

Please contact our Brisbane team for more information on SMSFs.

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