• Has someone broken a business deal with you?
  • Has a person or firm stolen your property?
  • Is somebody making unfair demands on you?
  • Is your businesss survival being endangered through the actions of others?

If so, you need to act quickly so you can call the shots. You need a plan and thats where we can help.

Satellite Legal are experienced in all kinds of commercial disputes and use the following techniques to end disputes and achieve the best outcome for you:

  • Strategic use of court proceedings to enforce your rights or protect your assets
  • Negotiation strategies to end disputes quickly and cost effectively
  • Knowledge of legislation and rules to give you the tactical advantage
  • Sensible advice on asset protection and legal cost recovery strategies to minimise the downside of any battle

Properly advised and decisive action is nearly always the key to a positive outcome in a dispute.

A good plan .. executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week.
General George S. Patton ? US Army

Contact us now and get the upper hand.

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