Our property team boast years of experience in residential conveyancing not only in the owner-occupier sector, but in the investment sector as well.

We understand that buying and selling a property is often the most important transaction that a client will ever enter into throughout their entire lives.
With the mixture of lawyers and paralegals that make up our conveyancing team, we not only have the legal expertise and know how to properly advise and assist our clients, but also the right balance of resources to ensure that our services will always represent excellent value for money.

Our goal is to assist our clients throughout the process from the time that they negotiate and enter into a Contract of Sale, through to the settlement date when the property is transferred and the job is successfully completed.

Our relationship with each individual client is important. We are always available to answer any queries they may have relating to all aspects of their conveyance.

Professional Fees

  • Standard Residential house / land / unit purchase: $895.00 plus outlays, search fees and GST.
  • Standard Residential house / land / unit sale: $595.00 plus outlays, search fees and GST.

Please note, if any unusual or complex matter arises with respect to your conveyance, we reserve the right to charge an additional professional fee for services performed outside the scope of a standard conveyance.

Please contact our office if you would like us to:

  • Review and provide our written advice on a contract prior or subsequent to execution
  • Prepare a contract of sale or purchase
  • Draft special conditions for inclusion in the contract

A professional fee will be charged for the above services having regard to the complexity of the transaction or the proposed conditions attaching to the sale or purchase.
Please contact us if you require further information in relation to the above.

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