Our Story

The Satellite 360 Story

Over the decades, business has evolved and continues to do so as advancements in technology change constantly. We have entered the Collaborative Age, where relationships and collaboration is the key to achieving more than before.

The concept of Satellites and Satellite 360

Satellites do many things. They communicate, collaborate, and forge new frontiers of development to provide leading edge knowledge. Although satellites are separate entities, they work together for the successful achievement of a common mission.

Our mission

The Satellite 360 Group of companies brings together all aspects of business to achieve a common mission: to help you grow your business, maximise your wealth and protect your future.

We revolve around you

As our client, you are the centre of our universe. Each Satellite Division revolves around you and your business needs. You have access to thought leaders and advisors with a depth of experience, knowledge and networks that will launch your business into a new dimension.

Collaboration is key

The concept of collaboration means to amplify results by connecting with networks and resources that provide a breadth and depth of tangible value over and above what an individual or entity can do. Satellite 360 is the hub you need to tap into to discover and achieve the potential for your business.

Down to earth advice

The Satellite 360 network of advisors offers down to earth advice and excellent value. Be assured that all Satellite Divisions have been rigorously screened to ensure they bring integrity, value and dedication to launch your business to the next level.

Imagine a place where you can go to get professional assistance from trusted advisors at a fair price. Welcome to Satellite 360.

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