SMS's For SMSF's

December 2019

In the interests of protecting SMSF members and their retirement savings from fraud and misconduct, the ATO has announced it will send out an email and/or a text message via an SMS when changes (including updates to the SMSF financial details or member information) are made.

Accordingly, the ATO has urged all SMSF members to ensure they update their contact details either:

- online at (with an AUSkey or an ABN linked to their myGov account);

- through their registered tax agent;

- by phoning 13 10 20 (for authorised contacts of the relevant SMSF); or

- by lodging the paper form (NAT 3036).

The ATO has urged SMSF members who are concerned about notified changes to first speak with the other trustees of the SMSF or the authorised agent of their SMSF, before contacting the ATO.






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